Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I cant believe that it has been over three years since my last release.  Well hopefully this will change.  A few minor changes that will be happening.  First the fourms will now be linked to my section on the Onemonk's page (thanks Eric!) I did this so that i can have all my information in one spot and not taking up 2 forums on the web.  Second I have talked with the guys over at armor grid games and now have there blessing to go and do a line of 15mm mechs vehicles and troops.  They will not be designed specifically for Mech Attack and can be used for most any 15mm games but I'm going to be using them with Mech Attack because hey, its awesome.  If you don't know what Mech Attack is click the Armor Grid Games link to the right.  Also check out my section over at the Onemonk forums and give your feedback on this baby.



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday 30% off Sale!!!

To celebrate this holiday season all Slicks Miniatures products are 30% off.  Thanks to everyone who supports my site and Happy holidays!!!

Now for some figure news.  

My 15mm mech project is going to be the end of me!  I have a passion for mecha of any kind and to be honest I have about 16 different concepts that are in various stages of development.  The only issue that I am having is that at such a small scale it is hard to come up with something that will look good in 3d and not like a bunch of low poly block mechs.  Conversely 2.5 d looks odd at that scale and i feel the mechs look unfinished.  Alas with the very limited amount of time that I get to work on figures and my OCDniss about mecha I might not have a working prototype for some time.

Here is a taste of some figures I have been working on.  They are a Samurai army that is loosely based real on historical.  Below are  some of the weapons and what work I have done on the Ashigaru armor.  Yes that is the great Onemonk's (Jim Hartman) figure template that I use when creating all my figures.

Monday, March 5, 2012

15mm mech Progress

Here after about 2 years of refinement and tweaking is the core build for my 15mm light mech.  All parts of the mech are 3d except for the joints that are 2d and 2.5d.  This mech will have articulated joints in the following locations feet, knees, hips, waist, elbows and shoulders so that you can arrange your models in any pose you want then glue it in place.  I will also be making a large selection of common mecha type weapons.  I think I grasped the general feel that I was looking for, kind of a cross between Front Mission and Armored Core.  The height without shoulder weapons will be 42mm.  This model will not be for the first time paper modeler due to its size but I tried to keep the polygons easy to build.  More updates to come in the future feel free to leave your comments in the forum.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

A new start!

First of all I would just like to say thank you to all my customers!  You have all been most kind in supporting my little business over the past few years.  Alas I apologeise for my brief sabatacal from the world of paper miniatures but this has been and always will be a hobby for me.  About a year ago I started a new job that requiered a move and believe it or not it has taken me this long to get my life adjusted to my new enviroment.  Also my kids are no longer babies and are taking up more and more of my time.  I have also found a game group down here near Raleigh NC.  They are a decent bunch of guys and after a ton of proding they gave a few of Genesha's great games a try as well as Armor Grid's Mech Attack and now they are total converts!  But enough about the worthless personal stuff lets get on to the future of Slick's Miniatures!

First of all we now have a new home here on Blogger.  This will allow me to cut out the hosting fees from Go Daddy.  While it was cool to have a site that was my own I found that it was too much work managing the site and my store  at RPGnow.  So going froward i will just have my store front on RPGnow for all my products.  That will be cleaned up and organised over the next few days.  The forums are up and linked to the forum button on your right.  Comments have been turned off on this blog so  I will be double posting most of my post in the forums so that you can make comments there.  You will have to hang in there with me on setting up this blog I'm new to this stuff and its all Greek to me so I'm learning as I go.

Now even though I have been away for some time I have still been working on stuff just none of it at a  retail level.  I have a few design concepts that are in the works.  We have planes for a near future army with more of a anime feel to them.  They also have 3D tanks planes and VTOLs all drawn up as well as a 30mm mech that is in the concept stages.  I also still have an interest in making some modular mech and tank kits similar to what Onemonk and I were working on together a few years ago.  Also I'm a Huge Mech Attack fan and have been making some neat 15mm scenery for my game group that would be a snap to put together for sale.

Also there will be some changes to the pricing structure a bit starting soon my prices will be set along a base price of $1 and .15 cents for each color PDF in the file.  This will make most of my current products a bit cheaper but things like the Modern army sets will be going up in price.  Believe it or not doing all the recolors and swapping the weapons takes longer then designing the figures.  Going froward I will be keeping most of my sets around 4-12 PDFs in size so this will be a price range of $1.60-2.80.

Again thank you to everyone for your support and I hope I can make Slick's Miniatures Re-Boot happen smoothly.

Warmest Regards,